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    Combining the durability of a Pittards® Microvent leather palm and the air-moving chassis of the Mojave Glove family, the new Mojave Pro Glove from KLIM sets a new standard in ventilated glove performance and durability. Incorporating premium Poron® XRD™ Extreme Impact foam on knuckles and fingers and premium, long-lasting construction features (like rolled leather fingertips) ensures the Mojave Pro glove stays rugged and comfortable ride after ride.


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  • KLIM Induction Glove Short

    KLIM’s dedication to rider comfort reaches a higher degree with the new Induction Glove. Engineered for maximum airflow while providing unmatched durability and comfort, KLIM’s warm weather-specific, gauntlet-length, perforated leather adventure glove dominates heat and fatigue. Premium features include Pittards® Armortan® ceramic-reinforced leather palm construction that outlasts generic leather, Carbon Fiber knuckle impact plate and integrated Poron® XRD™ Extreme Impact Protection foam for knuckle, wrist and palm coverage. The unique dual-closure system ensures a more secure fit for every ride. With its amazing fit and dexterity due to obsessive attention to patterning during the design process, the Induction promises full coverage and maximum comfort for the hottest rides.


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  • KLIM Adventure Glove Long


    For increased cold and wet weather protection, the highest grip tactility in motorsports and the most advanced impact coverage available, riders choose the Adventure Long glove for long-distance rides over every surface. With GORE-TEX® waterproof and breathable technology, GORE-TEX® + GORE GRIP secure feel and full-length coverage, the Adventure Long has no equal.


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  • REV’IT Gloves Monster 2 Ladies


    In summer it’s often too warm to wear gloves without overheating. The Monster 2 Ladies glove is about to change all that. These gloves are sharp looking enough to become an elegant accessory to your everyday dress. The short and comfortable perforated leather Monster 2 Ladies summer glove have a pre-shaped ergonomic ladies’ fit and top of the line protective features.


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  • REV’IT Gloves Chevron 2

    The Chevron 2 gloves are made with a balanced combination of goatskin and cowhide, providing the right blend of comfort and abrasion resistance. Using elastic and stretch tabs in strategic areas allows the gloves to follow the shape of your hand, which means you’ll barely notice them even with all the added protective features. The use of carbon hard shell knuckles and EVA foam in strategic areas means impact energy is dealt with, while a TPU hard-shell slider and PWR | shield at the palm contribute to a controlled slide in case of crash. Stitching is positioned on the exterior to further enhance the feel and race fit of the Chevron 2 gloves. Thanks to the fully perforated panels at fingers and cuffs these gloves will soon become your next favorite pair for sportive summer riding.


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  • REV’IT Gloves Monster 2

    The perfect blend of style and function, this short, fully perforated leather summer glove incorporates a variety of protective features. Made from supple yet durable goat skin, the Monster 2 glove offers comfort, while TPR finger knuckle protectors and a leather-wrapped hard-shell knuckle provide adequate impact protection. Stretch areas ensure excellent freedom of movement.


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  • REV’IT Gloves RSR 2


    The RSR 2 delivers a winning combination of ultimate comfort, good protection and sporty looks to match. The use of high quality leather and stretch material at all the right places give the highest level of comfort while riding. The hard-shell palm slider, PWR | shield knit at the palm, and the hard-shell knuckle provide protection and at the same time give the RSR 2 glove its sporty look. With comfort, protection and looks all wrapped together the RSR 2 is an instant favorite for the road. Sizes S-XZL


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  • REV’IT Gloves Abbey Road

    Just like its name the Abbey Road summer gloves are destined to become iconic. High quality drum dyed goatskin leather and the use of stretch lips ensure comfort and freedom of movement in a casual, vintage look. For extra protection PWR | shield knit is added at the palm. To make sure you can keep up with modern time at any moment, the Abbey Road is fitted with connect finger tips that enable you to operate your mobile device without ever stopping to take off your gloves. With the adjustment strap at the wrist the gloves can be tightened down snug and safe. Sizes S-XZL


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  • REV’IT Gloves Antibes Ladies


    The Antibes Ladies summer gloves combine retro looks with an extremely comfortable fit. High-quality drum dyed goatskin leather in the Antibes Ladies gloves ensures comfort and freedom of movement while riding. PWR | shield knit has been added at the palm for added protection. Thanks to the adjustment strap at the wrist the gloves can be fitted snugly and securely, while the connect fingertip technology enables you to operate your mobile phone while wearing your gloves.
    Sizes XS-XL


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    The Inversion Pro glove from KLIM® introduces high-tech impact protection and leather durability to the Inversion glove family. PORON® SR™ Impact foam on knuckles and fingers take tree-bashing and roost-deflecting in stride while the 100% windproof WINDSTOPPER® construction blocks wind chill for cold-weather performance. Ultra-durable goat leather overlays provide abrasion resistance.


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  • KLIM Adventure Glove Short


    The ultimate world-traveling, all-terrain leather glove with highly engineered KLIM® and GORE-TEX® waterproofing technology. Massively durable low-profile design loaded with innovative impact coverage technology and GORE-TEX® + GORE GRIP promises to be the high-mileage master of your adventure riding kit.


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  • KLIM Quest Glove Short


    KLIM® technology shines in the Quest Short glove. Innovative GORE-TEX® + GORE GRIP Technology ensures maximum hand-to-bike tactility for a connected ride on the most spirited roads while GORE-TEX® waterproof and breathable technology keeps you dry, comfortable and focused on the task at hand.


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    Features: Pre-curved Vented fingers; Injection moulded knuckles; Reinforced Kevlar padded palms; Reverse stitched fingers for added comfort; Unlined.


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    Comfort.A cool, black, mean looking; fingerless glove; Goatskin leather; Lightly padded palm; Velcro wrist closure; Lots of ventilation; Absolutely no knuckle; protection;.


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    Vented leather and; neoprene construction; Hard ergonomic knuckle guards; Velcro closure; Padded reinforced palm; and fingers.


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    Full grain leather; construction; Hard ergonomic finger; protection; Neoprene padding on upper; hand and palm; Hard knuckle guard and; thumb protector; Velcro closure.


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