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  • SENA 30K Bluetooth Headset


    The Sena 30K is not simply a Bluetooth headset, it is an adaptive-mesh communicator: the future of wireless communication. The 30K operates on Sena’s Mesh Intercom technology, a 2.4 GHz frequency, connecting to other riders in an entirely new way. Group connectivity is made simple with the 30K. Should one of the group’s riders go out of range, the Mesh Intercom intelligently keeps the rest of the group in seamless communication, while actively searching to reconnect, should that rider come back within range. Never again will you have to stop and reconnect, or worry about dropping connections from overly-complicated daisy-chain group pairings.

    Utilizing two antennae and two separate and dedicated processors, the Sena 30K is both a 4.1 Bluetooth headset and an Adaptive Mesh-Networking device, the two working simultaneously in concert within one low-profile unit to accomplish all your communication and entertainment needs. Sena 30K Audio Multitasking technology allows you to have a conversation via Adaptive Mesh-Networking technology while simultaneously enjoying Bluetooth operations such as streaming smartphone music, taking or making phone calls, or listening to turn-by-turn GPS navigation, so there is no clunky navigation between devices or channels or frustrating re-pairing of devices. Promising the smoothest, most uninterrupted listening experience ever, the Sena 30K is a huge technological leap forward – simplicity through sophistication, so you can focus on the important part: enjoying the ride.

    Using the private group mode, the 30K can pair in full duplex communication with up to 16 riders at a range up of to 1.2 miles, while an endless amount of additional Guest users can tune in for listening only. When riding with 5 or more riders, the Mesh Intercom is capable of keeping the group connected at a range of up to 5 miles. Although Mesh Intercom is the next big thing, you won’t leave your Bluetooth buddies in the dust either. The 30K is still capable of pairing with up to 3 other Sena or non-Sena Bluetooth communicators at a range of up to 1 mile, depending on the range of your riding buddies’ headsets. Using Sena’s RideConnected Mobile App, the 30K is also able to connect with riders anywhere in the world via your mobile network.

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  • Schuberth SRC-System Comm Units


    SRC-SYSTEM for S2 and S2 SPORT
    With the SCHUBERTH rider communication system you always stay in contact. You can communicate with passengers and other riders, listen to the radio or receive information from your GPS. If you also want to connect your cellphone, you can also use the acoustic features for this.
    All SRC SystemsTM can be integrated into the respective helmets using “Plug & Play”.

    From: $404.00

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  • Kriega Acc Handsfree


    An addition to the Kriega Hydrapak with quick-release dry-break connector, giving faster and safer in-helmet hydration.


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  • Kriega Tool Roll

    , ,

    Tough 1000D Cordura® construction with 30 loops & coated mesh pocket …
    just add tools. (KTORO)


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  • Kriega 3L Hydrapak + tube


    Military Grade 3-Litre hydration reservoir & insulated big-bore drinks tube compatible with all Kriega backpacks.


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  • Kriega Stash Organiser

    , ,

    Travel wallet /organizer, perfect for currency, passport, credit cards & keys.


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  • Kriega Kube Laptop

    , ,

    Laptops up to 17”


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  • Kriega Kube Mini Tablet

    , ,

    Tablets up to 7”


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  • Kriega Kube Tablet

    , ,

    Tablets up to 10”


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  • Kriega Kube 1 Organiser

    , ,

    1 Litre (61cu in) capacity (KKU1)


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  • Kriega Notebook

    , ,

    Small laptops & tablets up to 13”


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  • Kriega Harness Pocket

    , ,

    Quick access storage ideal for mobile phones, sunglasses, keys etc.

    Simply fix a Harness Pocket to any backpack harness, waist pack or messenger bag strap with hook & loop closure.


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  • Kriega Travel Bag KS40

    , ,

    Alloy pannier inner case that doubles-up as a carry-on flight bag.

    This versatile travel bag is designed to fit inside most makes of motorcycle aluminium pannier. Featuring expandable sides the storage capacity can be increased in two stages from 30 up to 40 litres, ideal for 31, 38 and 45 litre panniers.

    With Hypalon™ abrasion resistant reinforcement these bags provide hard wearing, padded protection for your gear, on and off the bike and easily cope with the rough and tumble world of adventure motorcycle touring.

    30 litres (1800cu in) capacity
    expands to 40 litres (2400cu in) capacity


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  • Kriega Urban

    , ,

    100% waterproof with enough carrying capacity for a 17” laptop plus other everyday commuter needs, such as a camera, waterproofs, water bottle etc.

    Padded reversible shoulder strap for left and right carry. Quick and easy strap adjustment with Kriega’s signature T6 alloy web tensioner. Slacken the strap to put on/off over a helmet and access the bag contents whilst wearing.

    Optional waist strap for extra pack stability when riding.


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